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2011 Summer Challenge

Hand Quilting or Hand Work Theme: Then and Now

The 2011 challenge: Take yourself back to a time when sewing machines were rarely used or no used at all. Appreciate the hard work of our An-Sisters. However, I also want you to honor yourself, presently, and recognizing that quilting is a form of ART.

Challenge Guidelines:

1. The quilt could be any shape, not smaller than 6” and not larger than 12" on any two sides. If circular, not smaller than 6” and not larger than 12" diameter.
2. The quilt should consist of hand quilting or hand work over 1⁄4 of the surface (that can be seen, visually)
3. The quilt should have minimum of 1 type of embellishment, multimedia technique, or surface design technique, on the surface of the quilt, that supports the theme of the quilt.

2011 Summer Challenge Quilts