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2016 Summer Challenge

2016 Summer Challenge Guidelines

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QQ Summer 2016 Challenge

“Tell Me Who You Are”

This summer’s challenge will offer everyone the opportunity to share something about who they are, with other guild members come September.  This project is a way of getting to know each other just a bit better, no matter how long you have been part of QQ.

You will have the summer to complete this challenge.  Members are asked to present their finished projects at the Fall Kick-off Meeting on September 13th.

Project details:

It’s an “anything goes” project, as long as you follow the guidelines below, do at least one of the four block ideas detailed below, and, through your finished project, you end up telling us something about yourself.   The finished piece should be no larger then 24”x24”, wall hanging size.   Jane would like to have them in our next quilt show in a summer challenge grouping.

These are the general guidelines:

·         Use your favorite colors, fabrics, prints

·         Piece, embellish, embroider, paper piece, applique, paint, add beads, anything that strikes your fancy

·         Be as literal or as imaginative as you want

·         And, incorporate a favorite quilt block pattern into your block.

Block Ideas:

1.  Where do you come from?
2.  Who are you?
3.  What are your hobbies?
4.  A very important day in your life

We hope you everyone will take part in this project and we’ll all get to know each other just a bit better in September!