2007-2008 Round Robin Quilts

Round Robin 1

our members signed up for the official guild round robin.  Each quilter brought a quilt square of her own choice to the October meeting and passed it to the next person in her group.  She then had two months to add a border with squares to the square she received before passing the growing quilt on within her group.  The second border required applique, and the third border had triangles.  In April, the group passed the quilts back to the quilter who had made the center square.

The group included Tricia, Valerie, Concessa, and Susan.

2007-2008 Round Robin 1 Quilts

Round Robin 2

Another seven members plus one former member formed two more round robin groups.  The rules for this one were a little different: the first border required curves and one of the primary colors, the second required pinwheels and a secondary color (green, purple or orange), and the final border had applique and a neutral color (beige, white, black or grey).

The first group included Erin, Kathy, Amie, and Concessa working on the quilts in that order (Concessa passed to Erin).  The second group included Ann, Kelly, Nancy, and Ruth (Ruth passed to Ann).

2007-2008 Round Robin 2 Quilts