2019 - 2020 Block of the Month

For this year’s Block of the Month, we are going to play with paper-piecing, with a focus on flowers and leaves. The great thing about paper piecing is that you can create blocks with perfect points and complex patterns.

We’ve selected a range of paper-pieced flower and leaf patterns with an increasing level of complexity as the months progress. For the final project, we’ll suggest a few options for putting everything together to create a table runner or wall hanging from your blocks.

The Project:

Each finished block will be 6” square and use 2-4 colors. This is a great chance to use up some scraps!

For each block, you have a choice --- you can make one 6” block each month OR you can make four 6” blocks to create a really fun mosaic pattern with your blocks.


The Pattern:

The pattern will be included in the newsletter for you to print out at home. At each meeting we will give quilters 2 printouts of the BOM pattern on Carol Doak paper. Feel free to ask for more (at the meeting or later) if you want to make more blocks or struggled with the earlier paper.


Foundation patterns are also available by clicking on the images below.

Choice of fabrics and color:

This is a great project for scraps, especially if you have some in the same general family. It’s worth thinking ahead about the tone and style you’d like (e.g., all batiks, solids, calicos, flowers, etc.) to create a consistent final product.


If you want to make a wall hanging or table runner, you’ll want to have (or buy later) enough coordinating fabric for your borders.

Paper Piecing Basics:

For recommended instructional videos, tools, and tips, visit this page.

Double tulip color.png

September Block

Dec Spiky Leaf.jpg

December Block

Mar Amaryllis 2.jpg
Amaryllis Bulb
(5 inch pattern)

March Block

Oct Bluebell.jpg

October Block

Jan Small Palm.jpg

January Block

Nov Daffodil.png

November Block

Feb Zinnia.jpg

February Block

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