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Quilt Show Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This document answers many questions you might have about submitting quilts (does it need a sleeve, how big a sleeve, when can I drop it of/pick it up, etc) and volunteering for the show (when, what jobs, how many people). Other information is included below.

Entering Quilts - Deadline is Tuesday, February 18th!

The link to the online entry form was sent via email to members on Jan 13th.  You will need to submit one form per quilt.  Be sure to have the quilt measurements handy.  There will be paper forms available at the Jan and Feb meetings.  If you have any trouble with the on-line form, please call Jane!  She can walk you through it over the phone or enter it herself if you give her the info.

A few things to remember:

  1. Please submit your 2018 and 2019 Summer Challenge Quilts!

  2. Don't be shy - we would like to have everyone in the guild represented in the show.

  3. Submit as many quilts as you like - we will hang as many as we can fit.

  4. Quilt dimensions are really important for planning the show layout, but a half inch here or there is not critical. Please round up to the nearest inch or two when you enter your quilts.


Any questions about the show, email Jane at or check out the FAQ above.

Raffle Quilt Tickets - Sell, Sell, Sell!

Packets with 30 tickets in each were distributed to those who attended our December and January meetings.  Please make sure when you sign in at our meeting to pick up your tickets and/or get more.
For those tickets already sold, you can bring the money and the stubs to Evy at our regular QQ meeting. For every $10 worth of tickets that you sell, you'll get a ticket for the 2nd raffle quilt top (members only).


If you have questions or you need more tickets before our next meeting, email Evy directly at  


Mini Art Quilts - Sew, Sew, Sew!

We are making small (about 5" x 8") art quilts to sell at the show for the benefit of the guild. See the Mini Art Quilts page for instructions. We have photos of a few completed examples posted there as well.

Volunteering to Set Up/Take Down the Show


The show will be hung on Thursday, March 26, starting around 9am working through lunch until the job is done, usually mid afternoon.


Taking down the show is a much quicker affair that starts as soon as the show closes on Saturday and takes less than two hours.


A sign-up sheet will be sent around at the February and March meetings for both.

Volunteering as a Hostess at the Show


There are a few roles for hostesses at our show that we schedule in two hour shifts.

  • Collect admission at the entry table

  • Sell raffle tickets at the entry table

  • Wear white gloves and walk among the quilts to answer guests' questions and show quilt backs

  • Sit at the demo table working on comfort quilts or your own quilting project


A sign-up sheet will be sent around at the February and March meetings. Also an email will go out late February to sign up via email.

Copy of Quilt Show Poster to Print (in color)


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