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Paper Piecing Basics


Here are links to three YouTube videos showing different techniques for paper piecing:

Tools and Toys for Paper Piecing: All you really need is a sewing machine, computer paper, and a ruler. There are some tools that make paper piecing easier (because what is quilting without toys?) --- but nothing essential.

Foundation Paper: Special printer piecing paper. This is optional because you can use regular printer paper, but the thinner paper is easier to tear off later.

Paper Piecing Ruler: This tool is optional because you can easily use a regular ruler.

Pro-Tip! Set your sewing machine to the smallest stitch you can. This will make removing the paper backing much, much easier without misshaping your block! If you’ve paper-pieced before, you know that you start with section A1, and connect it to A2, then A3, and so on, through A7.

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