2019 Summer Challenge


2021 Summer Challenge


Each summer members engage in a friendly competition, creating works inspired by a theme. In May a set of guidelines is provided, and at the September meeting we display the quilts and vote for our favorites. The winners receive a modest gift certificate to a local fabric shop.

The 2021 challenge is:

The QQ Neighborhood

We’re going to create a “neighborhood” of houses. For this challenge, everyone will start with the same pattern, then add to and/or embellish as much as you like to create a house that makes you smile.

  1. You must start by making the house pattern (download the instructions, below).

  2. Any individual piece of the house may be made from multiple fabrics – i.e. you could crazy-piece a window. Or crazy-piece every piece!

  3. Embellish the quilt as much (or as little) as you like, BUT, a viewer must still be able to see the “bones” of the house when you are done.

  4. The house block measures 16” x 16” (finished). Your completed quilt should measure no more than 24” square, or a total perimeter of (24” x 4) 96” around.

  5. Your quilt must have three layers (top, batting, backing), must be quilted, and must have a finished edge.

If we are not meeting in person in September, photos of your quilts will be due three days before our first meeting. Otherwise, plan to bring your quilt to the meeting in an unmarked bag.

Download the complete challenge instructions and pattern (Pattern adapted from Quiltmaker October 2014).

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2021 House Block.png