2020 Summer Challenge


Each summer members engage in a friendly competition, creating works inspired by a theme. In May a set of guidelines is provided, and at the September meeting we display the quilts and vote for our favorites. The winners receive a modest gift certificate to a local fabric shop.

The 2020 challenge is:

Resilience! Thank You to our Essential Workers!

Resilience - The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness!

The QQ Summer Quilt Challenge is an opportunity to show your appreciation for those locally who through selfless acts, support, and resilience have made our towns, cities, state, and country safer.

Who is your town hero? First Responders, Supermarket Employees, Healthcare Workers, Postal Workers, Teachers, Town or City Leaders, Neighbors, Clergy?


We hope that this Summer Challenge will inspire you to create a quilt or quilts to honor your home-town’s heroes and essential workers! We could not get through this global crisis without their help and heroic efforts.


Your design can depict any action or characteristic that demonstrates resilience such as, courage, hope, love, joy, singing on a balcony, emergency vehicle, etc. The design and construction is yours to be anything you want it to be - a traditional block, modern, art quilt, pictorial, or mixed media.


Quilt size - 20x20 inches

Hanging sleeve


Please join us for a Summer Quilt Challenge Zoom on Monday, August 17, from 1 pm to 3 pm to get ideas, ask questions, jump start your project, or just come to schmooze! Meeting login will be in the August Newsletter.

Read the September Newsletter for information regarding how we will share our quilts virtually in September. After the meeting, please arrange a time to present your quilt to your local hero(es) so that they may display the quilt in a prominent location at their place of employment. Be sure to take a picture if you present the quilt in person.


We also encourage you to collaborate with others QQ members in your community to create a larger wall hanging of multiple squares honoring your town heroes.

Robin Jaeger and Judy Weinberg

2020 Summer Challenge Co-Chairs

Here is an example made by Judy W:

2020 challenge sample

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