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2019 - 2020 UFO (Unfinished Object) and
NSY (Not Started Yet) Challenge

The Challenge will begin the month of October. The first UFO/NSY Show-and-Tell will be in November and will conclude at the May meeting with the final Show-and-Tell and raffle drawing.

Choose 7 from any of your UFOs or NSYs. Optionally, you could choose 6 projects and one “free” so that you can continue to work on a project not yet completed from any of the previous months or get a jump start on an upcoming month’s project.

September is designated as Know What You Have: Count your UFO and NSY Projects!

Here is a tip from Pat Sloan:

Sort your projects into these groups:


  • Group A - Almost done – not much left to go AND I LOVE the project and WANT to finish it!

  • Group B – Almost done but...This is the group that you have lost interest in and really don't feel like working on any more.. (see suggestion for Give Them Away below)

  • Group C – Partially done AND I LOVE the project and WANT to finish it!

  • Group D – Partially done but... Do you REALLY want to finish them? I think we often have more in these piles than we think we do (see suggestion for Give Them Away below)

  • Group E – Barely started or Not Started Yet (NSY) – do you want to keep or not?

Give Them Away!


From your groups above, take out the projects that you really have outgrown, that you never liked that much, that are giving you Guilt. GUILT is our enemy! Shed tears if you must, but GIVE THEM AWAY. Bring them to a QQ meeting to give to the Comfort Quilt coordinators, Louise and Caroline!


Sew... what does finishing a UFO mean?

Completing it (NO, tops are not  finished...)

Finished might be giving it away or selling it so that someone else has the joy of owning it, or it may be taking what IS done, complete that, and put the rest of the fabric back in your stash.

Those are the basic ways a UFO can be FINISHED. And this is the year to move many of
them along!


Print your UFO/NSY Challenge Chart here:

Project number selections:

October - 7

November - 3

December - 1

January - 4

February - 5

March - 2

April - 6

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