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2019 Summer Challenge

The 2019 challenge was:

Art in Stitches


Pick a favorite painting or sculpture and then create a quilt. The quilt can be representational, or an inspirational jumping off point from that favorite work of art, but we must be able to see the connection. You may design this quilt using any method of construction – pieced, appliqué, paper-pieced, or any combination of these, etc. The quilt must have a top, batting and backing. It can be hand or machine quilted. You may embellish it if you wish. It should be no smaller than 8 x 10 inches in width or length and no larger than 24 inches square. It should be made this summer, for this challenge. Please bring your quilt and a picture (photocopy/post card/photo) of your muse (inspirational painting/sculpture) in an opaque bag to the September 10th meeting.


Have fun and be creative!

Here is what our members created for the "Art in Stitches" challenge:

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