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2022 Summer Challenge

The 2022 challenge was:

Silver Lining Quilts


We all know that the past 2 years have had their share of disasters, sorrow and challenges. We will not forget those, or the people most affected by them. 

However, some of the restrictions put on us by the Covid-19 pandemic have also given us unexpected opportunities. For example, travel restrictions and store closures resulted in people doing things at home more. Some of us were able to put that time to good use in positive ways.


Perhaps we were able to more spend time:

  • Sewing! (Always a fun idea :)

  • Seeing grandchildren since daycare options may have dried up!

  • Playing in our gardens!

  • Cooking or exercising (thus affecting our weight one way or another!)

  • Saving money on gas and/or travel expenses!

  • Learning how to zoom with far away friends and family!


So, this summer’s quilt challenge is to highlight those silver linings. Make a quilt that denotes any or all parts of what good came from quarantine. It can have an art quilt format with a scene of a garden, say, or be comprised of traditional blocks using novelty fabric with, perhaps, foods and cooking implements.


Basic requirements:

  • Size: The quilt can be no longer than 48” (4’) on a side, and no shorter than 12” on a side, and with an area no larger than 576 square inches. So, you could make a 24 x 24” quilt (great for traditional blocks), or a 48 x 12” quilt (great for an art quilt or a timeline).

  • It must have a top, batting, backing and be bound.

  • It can be of mixed media as long as it is comprised of fabric as well.

  • It must be ready to show at our September 13, 2022, meeting.

  • Embellishments are encouraged!

Bring your quilt to the September 13th meeting by 7:30 PM in an opaque (paper?) bag with your name pinned to the back of the quilt.


Cathy C

2022 Summer Challenge Coordinator

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